About Us…

The White Bird Area Recreation District includes several small communities tucked into the nooks and crannies along the famed “River of No Return” in central Idaho.

White Bird Area Recreation District
Slate Creek Community from Nut Basin Road

The White Bird Area Recreation District was created to acquire the old White Bird Elementary School for use by the greater White Bird area as a Community Center and Community Park for recreational, artistic and educational activities.

Our purpose is to provide and maintain public facilities for local events and activities by individuals, businesses and community organizations.

We are not event coordinators and program directors. These facilities are for you, please use them. District meetings are at 7 pm on the second Monday of each month.

Christie, Dean and Steve
Christie, Dean and Steve

Commissioners and Officers:

Christie Christensen – Chairperson

Dean Heckman – President

Steve Dalgliesh – Vice President


Other Officers: Lee Stone – Treasurer, Terry Eller – Secretary

Physical Address: 355 River Street

Mailing Address: PO Box 55, White Bird, ID 83554

For Information about our local businesses and community activities please visit the White Bird Chamber of Commerce and City of White Bird Websites ⇒